Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orange Launches Low Cost Branded Tablet

Mobile operator orange launched on 15th Feb, 2011 a tablet computer under its own brand in four European countries as a cheaper alternative to Apple's I Pad.
Boasting a seven inche screen and running Google's Sndroid operating system with 3G mobile connectivity, the "Orange Tablet offers the portable, touch screen coputing at a competitive price", the company said.
The number three European mobile operator, owned by France Telecoms, announced the launch at the mobile phone's industry's annual gathering in Barcelona, with the Orange tablet going on sale in Spain, Romania, Poland and Slovakia.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Robot Learning/Using Learning Navigational Skills From Lobsters

Nature has endowed birds, ants,bees, fish, spiders and other animals with a remarkable sense of direction. This allows them to locate their positions from a built in global positioning system(GPS) that's senses the earth's magnetic field with great accuracy, and allows them to travel them in desired directions without getting lost. Lobsters, even when taken 37 kilometers from where they were caught, under the conditions that they would not have orientation clues, can still find their ways back, because of this uncanny ability to sense their position. This stems from their being able to sense local anomalies in the earth;s magnetic field.
This remarkable attribute is now being developed in robots by scientists at the University of North Carolina, USA.

It is known that buildings have distinctive magnetic topography, which can be readily mapped using a magnetometer. Such field variations were measured and then stored in the memory of robot. Using such magnetic maps, the robot was able to find its way about although it did not have a vision system, thereby effectively mimicking the behavior of Lobsters. There is still much to be learned from the birds and the bees.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Fifa World Cup 2010: History and Preparations

The festival of Football World Cup is going to start on 11th of June, 2010. There are 32 best teams in this Foot Ball world cup 2010, to compete with each other, and will play vigorously to get the title of this mega event.

Fame of the Game:

In 1930, when Fifa authorities inaugurated the first ever world cup of Football, then they event not think about the fame of this game. This game is the favorite game of all Europe, America, Australia and some countries of Asia. According to an estimate, the last Football world cup final (held in France) between Italy and France has been seen directly by 715m people. That final was won by Italy and we can estimate the fame of this game.

Rules to Get the Hosting of Football World cup:

Football is basically an expensive game. Much money is spend over the stadium and the Football players, and when we talk about the world cup, then the international governing body of Fifa do much care about this. To get the hosting of the Football world cup, any countries have to follow the strict rules by the Fifa. Conditions such as, presence of best stadiums, best residential facilities, best transport facilities, security and other conditions are there.

If we talked about football world cup 2010, then first time any African country is hosting this mega event. If we see the Football record of South Africa, then we will come to know that they are unable to get any noticeable ranking in the game. They even never qualify for the second round, in the past 18 Football world cups. Further More, South Africa is on number 90 in the Football ranking. Then what are the factors through which South Africa got the hosting right of Football world cup 2010. One of the Factors is best Economic condition of this country.

Hurdles in the Preparation for Football World cup 2010:

The preparation for the Football world cup 2010 has been started from the 2006 in the South Africa, and Fifa authorities were noticing all their preparations regarding this event. During these preparations, many bad times come for the South Africans by which there were chances that this hosting will be taken from the South Africa. In July 2009, 70,000 workers who are working for the Football stadiums, they just stop working there and demand that Government is not giving them proper wages. They requested to the Authorities of Fifa that they should charge heavy amount to the organizers of world cup. After this, due to the constructions of five star hotels for the fans of Football, Cape Town Government has exploded almost 20,000 residences to get the land. At this people protest against Football world cup 2010, and argue against the Government that they are not fulfilling the basic responsibilities of Africans, instead of this they are just giving full attention on the preparation of Football world cup 2010, all the developments are regarding this mega event.

Preparation for Football World Cup 2010:

As per the preparation for the football world cup 2010, South African Government has putting its all effort to make this event successful and remarkable. For this purpose the entire infrastructure for the transport has been renewed, in this they available the facility of underground tube, and special bus service for the fans of football world cup 2010.There are fool proof arrangement of security as well. Fifa has admired all these efforts of South Africans Government regarding this event and they hope that everything will be prepared before the starting for this mega event.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Left Hand Cars That Drive Themselves: Cars That Drive Himself

About 100,000 people die in car(including left hand cars drive) accidents each year. Can we have cars that will sense an impending accident and come to screeching halt before the impact occurs? Well, you will be pleased to learn that one such car, VOLVO S 60, will be launched next month, and other manufacturers are likely to follow. the car is equipped with camera and radar devices that monitor approaching objects and laser systems that accurately determine distances and transmit these to on-board computers. When all cars on roads are equipped in this manner, we will enter in a new era that will be free of road accidents.
In Japan a new smart highway system has already been developed that alerts drivers if they get too near a car in front of them, if there are vehicles converging on to road from a side road, or if the road in front is congested. Known as "Smart way" the system is expected to dramatically reduce road accidents.
Left Hand Car Drive and the right Hand Car Drive will both have equal chance to be accident. But now different projects is under considerations to reduce such dreadful events. The most exciting of such projects under development is aimed to make the car drivers redundant, at least for most of the journey! Known as SARTRE (Safe Road Trains For The Environment), the system is being developed by seven car manufacturers and some European universities. Cars will travel at high speeds in a convoy of eight cars, only one meter apart, with a lead car controlling the convoy's movements by an on-board computer. This will allow drivers to read,sleep or play games as long as their car is within such a convoy. the drivers will be able to resume control when they wish to exit the highway. Cars joining the highway will be able to book their place within one of many such convoys traveling on the highway. It is expected that fuel consumption and emissions will also be cut by 40 per cent by this system

Monday, May 17, 2010

Interesting Facts About Flying Industry

Interesting Facts About Flying:
Human desire to fly has been achieved before one century. Invention of Right Brothers now more capable, advance and provide better facilities to Fly beyond the sky. Today on earth thousands of planes are serving to billions of people. Millions of people are associated with the Flying Industry and Trillions of money is in this business.
There are 28,506 traveling planes around the globe. From which most of the planes are of Boeing company, they have 11275 planes. Second number is of Airbus they have 5,268 planes. Airlines of world has book the order for 8,451 planes from which most of the orders are for the model of Boeing company 737NG. On the second number demand for the model of airbus that is A320.
During this going year, almost 2.8bn passengers has traveled through air in the first three months, from this 1.6bn passengers are from USA and 60m from Europe. According to experts Air traffic will decrease about 10.2 percent this year. Approximately 38.6 percent of Air Traffic belong to USA, 30 percent traffic belong to Europe, 25 percent traffic belong to Asia and remaining 5.6 percent Air traffic belong to Africa and from Middle East.
Out of 50 most busiest Airports, the first number is of Atlantic city Airport USA, on the second number Chicago Airport is the busiest Airport.
From world's 25 big Airlines in which FedEx from America is on the first number, according to the profitability which is about 11.2bn.
Airline Industry is on its peak, and the new dimensions are introducing in this growing industry. Once, Flying was a dream for the Mankind and in Today's world this industry is grooming and becoming one of the largest industry in the world.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Ways Of Reducing Petrol Fuel Consumption

A number of new and innovative methods are being developed to reduce petrol fuel consumption in vehicles. When you are traveling over a bump road, the shock absorbers in your car absorbs the bumps. While this makes for a smoother ride, this energy is wasted. A US company(Levant Power Of Boston)has developed a system to convert it into electricity and used that for recharging the battery and use it for other purposes, results in petrol fuel savings of up to five per cent.
Another company, E-Traction in the Netherlands, has fitted motor on the two rear wheels of trucks, eliminating the heavy transmission and gearing that soaks up power, the result is an amazing 40 per cent decrease in fuel consumption.
Another technique being used is to fit rounded flairs or fins at the back of trucks that result in six per cent decrease in fuel consumption due to improved aerodynamics. Wasted engine heat has also been recycled to electricity by a number of companies in the UK and USA, resulting in significant fuel savings.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

World's Longest Sea Bridge

The world’s longest sea bridge is the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, which was opened for public use in 2008. This fantastic bridge is a stayed cable bridge that offers an S shape and 6 lanes that go in both directions. The bridge connects Cixi county to Jiaxing, and is a total of 22 miles or 36 kilometers in length.

The distance between Shanghai and Ningbo is shortened by taking this route by almost 120 km. The bridge is believed to have a lifespan of about 100 years and cost over $1.7 billion to build, or 11.8 billion Yuan. There is a toll fee to cross the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, which is 80 Yuan for each vehicle, and the speed limit is 62 miles per hour or 100 km per hour.

When preparing for the construction of the bridge, almost 600 experts went to work on the design. The chief commander of the bridge project stated that the bridge was to be linked in 2007, but a year later after many tests the bridge was then opened due to safety issues. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge has only a portion that is cable stayed which is from the Hangzhou Bay into the eastern portions of China. This bridge is considered the longest to cover an ocean, but is not the longest cable stayed main span bridge; this title goes to the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in the United States because it is almost 3 km longer.

The travel time between Ningbo and Shanghai was shortened by an hour and a half by using the bridge, and took off 120 km or 75 miles from the trip. In the center of the bridge, construction is in talks for a service center that will cover 10,000 square meters. This area will have a restaurant, rest area, gas station, conference area and a hotel with a lookout tower for tourists. This service center is believed to be in the works to be built on a small island and platform on top of piers in the Bay. On either side of the bridge, public parks are also in talks but there are no immediate plans.